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I've completed two of the free sketches for my niggas. I still have three spots left!
1. TSilvTMNT
2. VampireDiclonius
3. StrangelyAngelic
4. WhiteMageHealer
5. Moonspirit10
6. BableBaubles
7. FirstAngelAdam

:bulletred: Humans ONLY, no anthros or robotics. Girls with tails and cat ears, centaurs and mermaids are permitted though.
:bulletorange: OCs and fanart permitted
:bulletyellow: When you request the drawing, you must comment on this journal and start your comment with "What's good, nigga?!" then proceed to name your request.
:bulletgreen: Do not send me a reference until I confirm that you have gotten a drawing.
:bulletblue: This is the most important rule: you must feature me in a journal of your own. You cannot qualify until I see that you have done this. You need to post my name and one of my deviations in your journal.
:bulletpurple: Whether I do full color or simple sketch is at my own discretion since these are coming to you completely free.
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Others groups with similar goals or just great art!

What Exposart is About

:bulletgreen:The Purpose of Exposart:bulletgreen:
The goal here is to help artists be found by others who admire their talent, regardless of level of artistry. This group will never become one who discriminates against the little guy. Exposart, on the contrary, is out to help the little guy, since we are all little guys at some point.

Exposart accepts all affiliations, no matter what your group is about. So, if you need exposure or if you just want to throw us a line, go right ahead.

:bulletorange:Word From Founder:bulletorange:
AndrogynousOne- "We'll never turn anyone away from joining our group or adding deviations to the gallery based on art level or group participation. Supposed exposure groups who interview you and want to see your art first are only out to grab the big kahunas, which is stupid, because they're already widely known throughout DA and don't need help getting exposure."

:bulletred:The Art in Exposart:bulletred:
All forms of art are accepted: digital, traditional, photography, erotica and written art. All art is automatically accepted at Exposart, deviations that are submitted correctly are never turned away for any reason.

There are a few, hopefully easy to follow, rules:
1. Respect everyone and their art: We all start somewhere and no art is bad art. It inspires us no matter what shape, colors or artistry level it is. If you are being bullied by a fellow member of Exposart, please inform me (AndrogynousOne) by any means you feel comfortable with and I will take care of it. Please also be sure to block such people from your profile.
2. Do not be sore about the ten drawings a day limit: The point of allowing all art to be automatically accepted is to avoid spamming people's inbox's with what seems like years worth of art. If you are new to our little group, simply add what you feel is your best art and hasn't gotten the exposure you feel it deserved. Also note that I frequently delete full folders. This is to keep the gallery from getting full and so that art can be resubmitted, allowing it to be seen again in people's inboxes.
3. Do not request that others add their art: Allow me to explain this properly. If you visit a friend's deviation, do not click on the link "Submit to a Group" and try to submit it to us. It will be withdrawn. This is because I would like everyone to join Exposart for themselves instead of having friends here submit their art for them.










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I uh accidentally submitted adoptables here--
I am so sorry OTL\]]]
AndrogynousOne Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nah it's cool. We accept all art, homes. ALL of it.
MereShadowTears Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
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NeverMore-X Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Student General Artist
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You're very welcome. I'm so happy to have you here.
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